Super Craft Cruises With Cruise And Maritime Voyages

Craft Cruises

More and more people are looking to combine their hobbies with a holiday. Whether it’s a yoga retreat, a cycling adventure, a hiking trip or a food and wine tour, we are arranging more and more of these types of themed breaks.

So when I read that Cruise And Maritime Voyages are now offering Super Craft cruises I was rather excited. I love to craft and when I’m not booking holidays I can often be found card making or cross stitching. Not only is it a relaxing way to pass a few hours but it can be very social, with craft clubs springing up all over the place at the moment.

I was delighted to hear that with the growing popularity of arts and crafts, Cruise And Maritime now include creative sessions on all their cruises of five nights of more where specialists will demonstrate their talents. These may include skills such as millinery, bead jewellery, mosaic decoration, calligraphy or papercraft. Guests have the opportunity to purchase materials on board which will be supplied by the crafter for a modest charge. This has proved so popular with guests that Cruise And Maritime are now running Super Craft cruises where a variety of different crafting options will be available, along with highly skilled experts to help you develop your talents. On many of these cruises there is also a specialist photographer who can assist in improving your photography skills to help you get the most from your camera. You can come away at the end of your holiday having learnt a range of new skills and perhaps picking up a new hobby in the process.

Crusise & Maritime Voyages offer a more traditional and leisurely style cruising experience. Their smaller sized cruise ships are accessible to more ports of call, and they have departures from a choice of eleven ports around the UK. They offer exciting itineraries to an amazing array of destinations around the world. Guests love the excellent standard of friendly and attentive service, the on board entertainment, the quality dining experience, and the wide choice of wonderful shore excursions. They are almost exclusively adult only ships with just a couple of sailings being the exception and allowing children in August.

If you are a solo traveller then you will be welcomed on a Cruise And Maritime sailing. It offers a safe environment, with a special onboard singles programme of events to ensure you have the opportunity to meet like-minded travellers should you wish to do so. Each cruise has a set number of cabins set aside for single occupancy which are priced with up to 50% saving on the equivalent category full fares.

Below you will see the list of Super Craft sailings for 2017. Prices are based on two sharing a twin room, and are correct as of 29/11/2016. Some of these prices include special offer discounts that may only be available for a specific time period. 2018 is also available to book. Just ask for more details. Prices will change as availability changes, so please give us a call on 0203 598 6245 for a personalised quote.

Cruise Schedule and Prices

Ship Date Departs Nights Cruise Inner From* Ocean View From*
Columbus 14/06/2017 London Tilbury 6 Majestic Fjordland C702 £919
Columbus 29/06/2017 London Tilbury 12 Iceland & Northern Isles C705 £1,729 £1,879
Columbus 23/07/2017 London Tilbury 12 Baltic Cities & St Petersburg C707 £1,729 £2,839
Columbus 11/08/2017 London Tilbury 14 Canary Islands & Madeira C709 £1,989 £2,449
Columbus 13/09/2017 London Tilbury 12 Baltic Cities & St Petersburg C713 £1,589 £1,829
Columbus 02/10/2017 London Tilbury 12 Spain, Portugal, France & Gibraltar C715 £1,559 £1,979
Columbus 14/10/2017 London Tilbury 15 Canary Islands & Madeira C716 £1,839 £2,329
Columbus 29/10/2017 London Tilbury 46 Grand Cuba, Central America & Caribbean C717 £5,839 £7,149
Magellan 08/05/2017 London Tilbury 12 Baltic Cities & St Petersburg G706 £1,429
Magellan 15/06/2017 Liverpool 12 Iceland’s Land Of Ice & Fire G712 £1,679 £1,789
Magellan 27/06/2017 Liverpool 11 Spain, Portugal, France & Gibraltar G713 £1,159 £1,589
Magellan 15/07/2017 Liverpool 7 Scottish Highlights & Faroes G715 £759 £1,049
Magellan 10/08/2017 Newcastle 14 Baltic Cities & St Petersburg G718 £1,579 £3,029
Magellan 10/10/2017 London Tilbury 14 Land Of The Northern Lights G726 £1,919 £2,659
Magellan 30/10/2017 London Tilbury 14 Land Of The Northern Lights G728 £1,919 £2,659
Marco Polo 05/01/2017 Bristol Avonmouth 42 Amazon, West Indies & Azores P702 £2,499 £2,999
Marco Polo 13/02/2017 Bristol Avonmouth 15 Land Of The Northern Lights P706 £2,279 £2,759
Marco Polo 28/02/2017 Bristol Avonmouth 35 Grand Cuba, Central America & Caribbean P707 £4,399 £6,089
Marco Polo 04/04/2017 Bristol Avonmouth 15 Springtime In The Azores & Madeira P708 £1,889 £2,609
Marco Polo 12/07/2017 Rosyth 20 Arctic Exploration To Greenland, Iceland & Faroes P720 £3,049 £3,469
Marco Polo 01/08/2017 Rosyth 14 Spitzbergen, North Cape & Land Of The Midnight Sun P721 £2,079 £2,879
Marco Polo 01/09/2017 Liverpool 28 Canada In The Fall P725 £5,199 £5,609
Marco Polo 02/10/2017 Bristol Avonmouth 10 Spain, Portugal & France P727 £1,369 £1,899
* Price per person based on twin share, correct as of 29/11/16